Porsche Automobil Holding generated group profit of EUR1.99bn for the period from 1 January to 30 September 2013.

The corresponding figure for the prior-year period had been EUR7.53bn and was significantly influenced by the non-recurring positive effect on earnings from the contribution of the Porsche SE group’s operating business to Volkswagen as of 1 August 2012 in an amount of EUR4.86bn.

The development in the current reporting period mainly results from the profit from investments accounted for at equity of EUR2.03bn and includes the profit contribution of the Volkswagen group attributable to Porsche SE. The profit from investments accounted for at equity was still EUR3.93bn in the prior year period. This figure mainly included the effect from the contribution of the business operations of EUR1.4bn.

Net liquidity of the Porsche SE group improved slightly from EUR2.56bn on 31 December 2012 to EUR2.63bn euro on 30 September 2013. This is mainly due to the net dividend of EUR386m received from Volkswagen and to a tax refund of EUR326m. There was a cash outflow of EUR615m from the distribution of the dividend for the fiscal year 2012 to the shareholders of Porsche SE.

In fiscal year 2013, the group profit/loss of Porsche SE will be largely dependent on the profit/loss of the Volkswagen group accounted for at equity that is attributable to Porsche SE. Overall, on the basis of the current group structure, the company continues to expect a low single digit billion euro group profit.