Porsche has said that interest in the new Porsche 911 Turbo with 480 horsepower is extremely high, and that it expects to sell 6,000 units this year.

Head of sales Hans Riedel told Automobilwoche that order intakes are already quite overwhelming.

The car goes on sale on 24 July and will cost EUR134,000 in Germany.

Internal sales plans for the car were around 3,500 sales a year, and Riedel quoted a similar figure of up to 4,000 sales a year.

Some dealers have already exceeded their quotas, according to the newspaper. A Porsche dealer in Hamburg, for example, has already used up his quota well into 2007.

Riedel said there may be a way to balance production within the 997 model series to adjust for peaks in demand.

Riedel was also quizzed on whether Porsche would breach the 100,000 annual sales unit barrier this financial year. Porsche's financial year ends on 31 July. In 2004/5 the company delivered 88,379 cars.