Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama on Thursday said he expected Toyota to make efforts to ensure safety and undertake necessary improvements after massive recalls while the industry minister Masayuki Naoshima was concerned about possible damage to the reputation of domestic manufacturers.

Following overnight testimony by Toyota president Akio Toyoda at a US congressional hearing, Hatoyama told Kyodo News: ''I expect the company to pay full attention to safety as it concerns people's lives, and keep its stance toward improving what must be improved.''

''It was good for the Toyota president to appear in person at the hearing and testify'' on the company's massive recalls, Hatoyama said, adding: ''I don't think this has put an end (to the issue).''

Naoshima echoed the view, and said the issue was not likely to end with Toyoda's testimony. He urged the automaker to continue to offer explanations to customers and restore confidence in Toyota products.

Naoshima told Kyodo the negative impact of the recalls would not be limited to Toyota, and said he was concerned the reputation of other Japanese manufacturers and their products in export markets might be damaged.

Not only carmakers but other Japanese companies ''must draw a lesson from'' the Toyota issue and start necessary reforms for the benefit of consumers, he added.