"With seal inside technology we are creating a really different offer" - Pirelli operational marketing director Andrea Casaluci

"With seal inside technology we are creating a really different offer" - Pirelli operational marketing director Andrea Casaluci

Pirelli says the positive reaction it has received for the new Cinturato All Season tyre is in line with its expectations following the recent launch of the product.

The All Season sector in Europe is growing with a yearly expansion rate of double digits forecast from 2013-2018.

Current data shows the market at around 4% representing a growth of 50% compared to last year and with yet further rises in the coming months.

Drivers can also opt for Pirelli's seal inside technology on the Cinturato, which automatically plugs up the hole should a puncture occur, allowing the car to be driven without stopping.

"The first [Cinturato] reaction is in line with our expectations," Pirelli operational marketing director, Andrea Casaluci, told just-auto at this week's Geneva International Motor Show. "We started with a really detailed market analysis and saw in some parts of Italy and Germany, consumers driving A,B,C, cars are not changing their tyres as they do not want to spend money and time.

"So they are driving in a non-safe condition. And also the trade is understanding it is a good opportunity to create loyalty. We call it total mobility. It is All Season, but it is also [a] self-sealing tyre developed with Pirelli and the Volkswagen Group.

"This is a growing segment - we estimate in Europe 4m [tyres] and in five years time it will more than double close to 10m. We think with the seal inside technology, we are creating a really different offer."

Broadening the topic, Casaluci emphasised the importance of regulation at a European level and Pirelli is involved with other producers through the Tyre Manufacturers Association and other institutions to promote safety.

"Of course we usually support and are happy for regulations that are for the safety of the consumer because that is the key," said Casaluci. "We want to take care of the consumer because first of all, it is a question of social responsibility and creating a future for our industry.

"Sustainable development in the future because we are always working for potential."

As well as winter performance in summer, Pirelli also maintains its latest product works effectively in non-extreme winter conditions typical of towns and cities.

The tyre manufacturer adds it continues to recommend its winter products for performance vehicles and extreme conditions, but notes it is responding to a particular segment of consumers, who prefer not to change wheels due to their pattern of usage.