Staff at the UK Peugeot plant outside Coventry have been warned jobs could go because of plans to end the fourth shift.

According to the BBC's website, Ryton is the only factory in the Peugeot Citroen group to operate on a four shift basis. The shift was introduced in December 2002 to help the plant launch two new models, the 206 SW station wagon and sporty GTI 180, which are built only at Ryton.

Now the models are in normal production, managers want to return to the three shift operation pattern in June, the report said.

The BBC said the company will begin a 90-day consultation period with employee representatives on Thursday in an attempt to reduce the impact on the 700 workers affected.

Peugeot reportedly says it will also provide support to staff in their search for alternative employment.

Ryton is the third largest car plant in the country, producing more than 200,000 Peugeot 206s a year, the BBC noted.