The German News Digest reports that diesel-engine models of German car maker Opel AG will be available with a soot filter as of July 1, 2005.

The filters will be available for diesel-engine variations of the Astra, Vectra, Signum, and Zafira models. Other models, such as the Corsa, will be available with a soot filter as of the spring of 2006. The postponement is because of delivery problems for the soot filters the report said.

Opel has not specified a price for the new addition, giving car traders the option of deciding whether to give customers a voucher for a free filter or whether to charge for it, a company spokesperson said.

Opel has chosen not to wait for government requirements, but has decided to act now, Opel marketing head Jean-Marc Gales said.

In May 2005, German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced that it would offer built-in soot filters for its diesel-engine cars as of the fall of 2005 for a price of 565 euro ($683).