US new vehicle sales (including fleet sales) in October are expected to rise 7.5% year on year to 1.23m units, according to analysts at

When adjusted for the one less selling day this month, sales will increase 11.8%.

"Why the big gain over last year? In October 2005, the industry suffered from the after-effects of the employee discount incentive programmes,"said Edmunds' top analyst Jesse Toprak. "This month has been decent for the industry, thanks in part to falling fuel prices and compelling new model year introductions. Historically, October is always weaker than September and that remains the case this year."

The combined monthly US market share for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors domestic nameplates is estimated to be 53.5% in October, down slightly from 53.7% in October 2005 and down from 54.6% from September 2006.

Edmunds sees Chrysler selling 154,000 units in October. This would result in a new car market share of 12.5% for Chrysler in October 2006, down from 14.4% in October 2005.

Ford will sell 203,000 units in October for a market share of 16.5%, down from 17.1% in October 2005.

GM will sell 300,000 units in October with market share of 24.4%, up from 22.2% in October 2005.

The analysts also predicted that Honda and Nissan's market shares would be down slightly year on year, with a slight rise for Toyota.