Toyota has said it does not expect job losses as a result of its decision to stop distributing Daihatsu vehicles in Australia.

According to ABC News Online, Toyota took over local distribution of Daihatsu five years ago, but has now decided to discontinue sales in March next year.

Toyota spokesman David Buttner told the broadcaster 20 staff employed directly by Daihatsu will be absorbed into Toyota.

He reportedly said he was confident the pull out would not affect the company's 79 dealers or parts manufacturers.

"In the dealer network that will be very much dependent on the dealers but based on my knowledge of the market and the scarcity of professional salespersons and professional technicians, I don't expect anybody will be displaced," he told ABC News.

Of the 79 dealers, 40 are combined Toyota/Daihatsu dealers, two sell only Daihatsus, and the remainder sell Daihatsus along with other brands, the report added.