Nissan has announced plans to expand its ASEAN technical centre to accelerate its R&D activity in the region. 

The Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA) will be given a broadened scope of responsibility, the addition of new facilities and an increase of staff in order to better address the needs of customers in the region. 

Nissan said it will also allow for “quicker alignment with market requirements, leading to the continued development of innovative and competitive Nissan products”.

The details of the expansion include:

  • By 2015, for models marketed in the region, NTCSEA will be responsible for all research and development processes following the vehicle engineering design stage currently handled by the global R&D function in Japan. This expansion allows NTCSEA to better reflect the specific preferences of customers in the ASEAN region.
  • With a total investment of 3.4 billion yen, by mid-2014, NTCSEA will add a test course, several testing facilities including chassis and engine dynamometers, and a new management office.
  • As previously announced, between 2010 and 2016, the workforce will more than triple to 370, including an increase at NTCSEA's Indonesian branch. NTCSEA currently employs 219 staff.

“Strengthening the regional R&D function will enhance product attractiveness, competitiveness and quality," said Nissan Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita. “As Nissan's footprint continues to expand in the region, it is even more important to strengthen our local R&D capabilities to better serve the growing customer base."

NTCSEA's responsibility covers ten countries and six production sites across the ASEAN region.

Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA) is the R&D function under Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. in Thailand. It is located at Bangna –trad KM 22 Samutprakarn, next to Nissan Motor Thailand's manufacturing plants. Nissan Technical Center South East Asia - Indonesia, owned by Nissan Motor Indonesia Co, Ltd, is NTCSEA's branch in Indonesia.