Nissan Motor will begin testing a new technology to prevent drunk-driving in cooperation with local prefecture authorities in Japan.

The automaker is developing a wide range of technologies to improve road safety through the prevention of drunk-driving. In June, it introduced a new message alert against drunk-driving through its Carwings navigation system.

Nissan will test a new on-board breathalyser system that can detect the alcohol level on a driver's breath. If the system detects the presence of alcohol above the specified level, the ignition will be disabled through an interlock mechanism.

The tests will be conducted in partnership with Kitakyushu city in the Fukuoka prefecture, Tochigi prefecture government and Kaminokawa town, as well as Atsugi city in Kanagawa prefecture.

The system is installed on daily-use vehicles where the drivers will monitor various factors such as functionality and alcohol-detection reliability.