Nissan Motor is adding customer notification measures in Japan for an existing recall related to the rear door stay in some vehicles including models produced on an OEM basis for other automakers.

The recall was initially filed with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) on 14 April 2016 this year. Nissan is taking further actions following an incident involving an uninspected vehicle in which a gas stay rupture injured a vehicle user.

Nissan on 16 July post a notice on its Japanese corporate website and in Japanese newspapers requesting that affected customers bring their vehicles in for inspection as soon as possible. It will also be requesting that users of the involved vehicles refrain from using the rear door until inspection.

Nissan has received 13 reports of incidents related to this recall, all of which have been in Japan. Prior to the initial recall announcement there were five incidents involving a Serena minivan and, after the recall announcement, seven incidents involving a Serena minivan, and one involving an NV200 van. There has been only one report of injury.

Original recall details
Description: The paint coating applied to the rear door stay does not comply with design requirements for anti-rust treatment. As a result, the outer tube of the gas stay may corrode and crack, resulting in rupturing of the stay and detachment from the vehicle. If such a rupture occurs when the back door is open, the stay might injure a person nearby.

Action: Authorised Nissan retailers will inspect the rear door stay for corrosion, and where corrosion is confirmed the back door gas stays will be replaced. Owners of vehicles in which no corrosion is found will be contacted again to have the stays replaced in line with parts availability.

Involved models (Japan only)
Model and production period
Wingroad: May 2012 - December 2015
X-Trail: November 2013 - January 2016
Serena: November 2010 - January 2016
AD/AD Expert: May 2012 - December 2015
e-NV200: September 2014 - March 2016
NV200 Vanette: April 2009 - November 2015
Landy (Suzuki): December 2010 - December 2015
Familia Van (Mazda): May 2012 - December 2015
Delica Van (Mitsubishi): September 2011 - November 2015
Delica D:3 (Mitsubishi): September 2011 - November 2015
Lancer Cargo (Mitsubishi): May 2012 - December 2015

Number of involved vehicles (Japan only): Approximately 727,000 units