Nissan has launched the compact SUV X-Trail in India fully built-up to test the market. Two variants are being offered, the 'Comfort' at €35,963 (INR1.978 million) and 'Elegance' at €41,163 (INR2.264 million), all powered by a 2148cc, 134bhp dCI diesel engine.

Currently the car has been launched in three cities - Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai with confirmed sales of 50 cars.

The X-Trail is being launched to test the Indian market
and Nissan is said to be already evaluating locations for a production facility through talks with state governments and domestic players as prospective partners.

Though Nissan Motor senior vice president Toshiyuki Shiga, is noncommittal about the company's plans, Nissan sees India as an attractive place to market more vehicles and to outsource component supply and 'back office' functions.

Deepesh Rathore / Tilak Swarup