Nissans new van comes with the Nissan angle strut grille

Nissan's new van comes with the Nissan 'angle strut grille'

Nissan says that its all new NV400 panel van will present a 'unique, distinctive proposition' in the LCV market when sales begin in 2011.

The all-new NV400 adopts Nissan's new naming strategy for its light commercial vehicles and joins the NV200. All future Nissan vans will adopt the NV nomenclature, all Pick-ups will be called NP and forthcoming larger trucks will be badged NT.

The NV400's visual identity was created at Nissan Design Europe and engineered at Nissan Technical Centre Europe. Led by Studio Chief Designer Atsushi Maeda, Nissans says the NDE team has adapted three key elements of the Nissan look - bonnet, grille and headlamps.

"NV400 will share all the practical aspects of the various versions of the range, but we wanted our adaptation to have a genuinely different look. The adoption of the Nissan angle strut grille - pioneered on models such as Pathfinder and Navara - certainly does that," said Maeda.

NV400 has a unique bonnet, front wings, grille and bumper assembly.

"The bonnet line on NV400 is much higher than on other versions of the van," said Maeda. "This helps give a more pronounced and dominant front end. This, in turn, has allowed us to use a taller and broader version of the angle strut grille.

"We have ensured the headlamp treatment is quite different, too. The grille and headlight assemblies have been designed as a single piece of architecture rather than a series of interlocking shapes to give that grounded, stable shape. The result exaggerates the vehicle's width making it appearing more dynamic."

The line of the bonnet's leading edge extends through the headlight assembly. The top half of the assembly houses the direction indicators with the highly efficient dipped and main beam lamps beneath: in testing, NV400's lighting performance has comfortably surpassed those of rival vans.

The final touch is the bumper assembly. Although broadly similar to the bumper used on other versions of the van, NDE has been able to reprofile the top edge where it kisses the grille and headlamps. "The changes here are subtle, but significant and also help give NV400 a completely different look," added Maeda.

NV400 will go on sale in October 2011.