Nissan's Chinese joint venture has said it expects its sales in China to reach a million units in 2010, hitting that milestone ahead of the earlier planned 2012.

It also said it aims to sell 600,000 passenger vehicles next year, up 16% from projected sales volume of 517,000 units this year.

The growth target for 2010 was issued by Kimiyasu Nakamura, the president of Nissan's Dongfeng Motor Co. joint venture in China.

Nakamura said that he expects sales growth in inland cities in China to be strong next year.

Dongfeng Motor, Nissan's joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Corp., sold 469,559 passenger cars in the January-November period, up 51.3% from a year earlier, he added.

Dongfeng Motor expects to face capacity constraints in 2010, Nakamura said, adding the company has added a third shift at its plants in Xiangfan and Huadu in southern China.

Nissan will start its global launch for a compact car in China next year, Nissan (China) Investment Co. said in a statement.