Dow Jones reports that Nissan still aims to sell 4.2 million cars annually by 2008, citing remarks made by the carmaker's Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said Monday.

"4.2 million remains our commitment," Ghosn said at a media roundtable in Barcelona, the report said.

Asked about what regional sales goals Nissan has, Ghosn declined to give forecasts for specific regions.

However, Ghosn said Nissan is "not particularly optimistic for the European car market in 2005. It may stay stable, but that's the maximum of what we expect," he said.

Earlier this year, Nissan released a new three-year plan named "Value Up" to boost growth further and establish the company as one of the world's most profitable car makers.

According to the company's plan, Nissan aims to reach an operating margin of 10% and group net profit of Y517 billion for the current fiscal year ending March 2006.

The Japanese car maker wants to boost annual unit sales by almost one million vehicles to 4.2 million by 2008.