Nissan and Japan's largest mobile telecommunications carrier NTT DoCoMo will work together on mobile Internet enabled services, AP reports.

The AP report says that the planned services will use 3G (3rd generation) mobile technology. NTT DoCoMo is the first telecommunications service provider in the world to offer 3G as a commercial service.

Similar 'personal assistance' services are already available from several carmakers, but the services have yet to become widespread in Japan.

Nissan and DoCoMo will study ways they can combine their technologies to develop new services such as finding a restaurant or comparing gas prices.

By 2004, they hope to offer more sophisticated services such as being able to order a takeout meal before arriving at a fast-food outlet.

Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said it was still not decided whether the services will be offered in Nissan models in the United States and Europe.

DoCoMo is planning to offer 3G in Europe and the United States in the future through its partners.