German company Messring has completed the construction of a new test facility in Chongqing for the Chinese safety institute Chongqing Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI).

It will be used largely by domestic vehicle makers.

The test centre can perform all globally recognised automobile certification tests including crash testing and the installation of system technologies and sensoring systems.

Included on the site is a 25,000 sq m crash test facility, a 294m acceleration track and a second, variable-angle, oblique impact track that allows any angle of incidence adjustments to the main track allowing the simulation of a wide range of collision scenarios.

The system at CAERI is powered by two electric propulsion systems, developed especially for use in crash tests. Together, these have a combined power rating of 2.4 megawatts allowing vehicles of up to five tonnes to be accelerated to a speed of 120 km/h. High speed crashes with 25-tonne trucks and buses can also be simulated.

CAERI said that the facility will be able to test vehicles to meet US and EU standards.

Yue Zhong Yao, deputy director for vehicle safety at CAERI, said: "The new testing centre represents a milestone for CAERI and the advancement of car safety throughout China."

Messring, based in Krailling near Munich, is a leading manufacturer of crash test systems and components. It designs and builds turn-key test systems for global ise and, to date, has implemented more than 100 large crash test systems for automotive OEMs, suppliers, governmental authorities and insurance companies.