A tyre has been developed that indicates when it needs to be replaced due to tread erosion.

Designers Gao Fenglin and Zhou Buyi have been focussing on tyre wear indication technology. Their new creation 'Discolour Tyre' indicates when it needs to be replaced. The tyre includes a layer of bright orange rubber sitting beneath the conventional black top layer.

The bright under layer will show through after the tread is worn to a particular depth, thereby indicating a need for replacement. 

Thanks to the bright colouring, drivers can detect even a minor insidious tear or leak. Fenglin and Buyi expect the tyre to cross 12,000 miles before the subdermal colour starts showing through.

Several patents have been submitted for advanced wear indicators. However, many of these plans have failed to materialise because of the costly production process and strict safety rules involved.