Saab, the Swedish executive car-maker, is introducing a new corporate logo with the launch of its latest model range.

A restyled, blue roundel now brings together Saab's traditional heraldic Griffin's head and the 'SAAB' logotype in a single, unified symbol. It appears on model year 2001 cars and will be introduced in all corporate communications in the UK from 1 September.

The new, cleaner design has been devised to more clearly represent Saab's advanced technology products and is being adopted to symbolise the company's role in the new millennium as General Motors' premium worldwide brand.

The half-eagle, half-lion Griffin symbolises vigilance and is derived from the coats of arms of Skane and Ostergotland counties in southern Sweden, where Saab car and aircraft manufacturing has its roots. The new badge is the work of Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward who devised the previous Saab-Scania symbol.