Thanks to the recent roll-out of new models, Mercedes-Benz did not suffer as much as BMW in September, but sales were still down 2% in the month, to 122,200 units.

Year-to-date sales at the Mercedes-Benz Cars division were up 4% to 979,800 units.

The Mercedes-Benz brand sold 110,700 vehicles worldwide in September, down 3%, while year-to-date sales were up 1% to 877,800 units.

Smart sales were up 10% in September to 11,500 units and up 53% to 101,900 units in the first nine months of the year.

Mercedes has benefited from growing in C-Class volume, sales were up 7% in September to 44,100 units. A- and B-Class sales also rose, growth was 8% to 28,100 units.

In emerging markets Mercedes, like BMW, continued to see strong growth. China sales were up 61% to 4,400 units, while sales in the Asia/Pacific region as a whole were up 6% to 15,300 units last month.