The VF will replace this, the VE series Holden Commodore sedan

The VF will replace this, the VE series Holden Commodore sedan

General Motors Holden says it will reveal its VF-series Commodore sedan on 10 February.

The new Commodore is the latest in a long line of locally built rear-wheel drive Holdens and will also be the basis of a new, Australian-made model for the US market, the 2014 Chevrolet SS.

The VF will use an update of GM's Sigma Zeta platform but much re-engineering is said to be have been done in an effort to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. Updated wagon, pick-up and long-wheelbase bodystyles are also expected to be launched later in 2013, most likely at the Melbourne motor show in June.

Australians continue to shy away from the the Commodore and its locally made Ford Falcon rival, with 2012 sales for the big Holden down by a quarter over 2011, while the overall market for new vehicles hit record levels. Both fleet and private buyers nowadays prefer smaller four-cylinder sedans and pick-ups, with the Mazda3 and Toyota Hilux proving especially popular.

The new car will step in for the seven year old VE series but speculation in the local media suggests the new Commodore could be the last big, rear-wheel drive model series to be manufactured in Australia. Holden has committed to investing in new models to be made at its Elizabeth plant in suburban Adelaide out to 2022 but has so far confirmed only the next generation Cruze plus one other model for the facility. The identity of that second vehicle is yet to be announced.

Author: Glenn Brooks

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The most advanced vehicle created in this country, the much-anticipated VF Commodore, will be pieced together by the people of Australia in a nationwide scavenger hunt launching today.

In the largest hunt of its kind to be hosted in Australia, 101 virtual puzzle pieces that make up the first image of the new Commodore have been hidden around the country in both physical and online locations.

Players can register to help Holden build the new Commodore on a new microsite,, where they will receive daily clues to find a piece of the image. Anyone who finds one of the pieces and shares it online will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the first VF Commodores to roll off the production line.

Holden Marketing Director, Simon Carr said social media offered Holden a unique opportunity to engage fans, customers and the public in the launch of the new car.

“The last time we launched a new Commodore, social media was in its infancy. Facebook and YouTube were not household names and mobile phones were for calls and texts.

“Fast forward seven years and most of us have a mobile device connected to the internet. Half of all Australians are Facebook users and social networking is ingrained in how we act as consumers.

“For marketers, it means that any new product launch can be a fully-immersive experience, but for well-loved car like Commodore, we can really take our activity to the next level.

“What better way to reveal an Australian favourite than engage our fans and enthusiasts in the hunt to create its first official image?”

Registrations to participate in the Build The Commodore campaign are open today. The first puzzle pieces will be released on 6 February with the hunt concluding as the real-life car is revealed via live stream on the Holden website on 10 February.

About Holden Commodore The Holden Commodore nameplate was launched 35 years ago with the introduction of the VB Commodore in 1978.  Quickly establishing itself as an Australian favourite, the car has undergone 14 iterations, and from 1996 to 2010, was the bestselling car in Australia for 15 consecutive years. VF Commodore will be revealed to the public on 10 February and goes on sale later this year.

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