Ford's hiring of auto industry analyst and banker John Casesa underscores Mark Fields repeated assertion that his target is accelerating the One Ford plan, of which he was an integral architect during Alan Mulally’s tenure as CEO, IHS Automotive senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said in a research note.

"He also is signalling that Ford will continue to be aggressive in investing in new areas, consistent with corporate values on a high level. In creating the new global strategy team, Fields is institutionalising the process.

Shew said Fields had selected someone from the outside who would bring a fresh view to the plans and opportunities was likely able to spot strengths and weaknesses in existing plans more dispassionately than the executives who created them. Casesa should be coming in with a realistic view of the company’s organizational and cultural challenges and opportunities.

"Ford has developed clear priorities and values that drive decisions on where to invest and why; appointing someone to develop the specific strategy is a logical next step, Brinley said.

"Fields and Bill Ford will continue to guide and shape the company’s direction; Casesa and his team will work on the most effective path to take. With industry respect and the support of Fields, Casesa has opportunity to build bridges between what might have been done in the past and what needs to be done in the future."

Fields seems to be creating a strong mix of internal and external voices, building a team that can help him lead the company, she added.