Just a year after celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Mitsubishi plant in the Netherlands known as NedCar celebrated another milestone with the 1,000,000th Mitsubishi car to roll off the line, a Colt ClearTec. The car will be handed over today to the city of Sittard-Geleen, the municipality NedCar belongs to.

Located in the Dutch province of Limburg, near Maastricht - at a major European crossroad in the Netherlands, between Germany and Belgium - this factory has brought together cultures, expertise and flexibility, like very few other automotive plants in Europe over 40 years of tumultuous history.

Dedicated on 27 June, 1968 by Queen Juliana, to accommodate the growing needs of the Dutch car manufacturer Daf, the plant became eventually a 100% Mitsubishi Motors subsidiary on 30 March 2001.

Though over 4.5m cars (including Dafs, Volvos, Smarts and Mitsubishis) have been built since the start, Mitsubishi Motors production only started in 1995, first with the Carisma (391,345 units), followed by the Space Star in 1998 (268,089 units), new Colt in 2004 (294,208 units) plus Outlander and the latest Colt, both in 2008.

The only car manufacturer in the Netherlands, NedCar is also a major contributor for the economies of Limburg and of the adjacent provinces in neighbouring Germany and Belgium with thousands of direct and indirect jobs.