MWW Automotive Group says it has appointed Chuck Pinkerton as new CEO to lead the MWW Group, while Michael Winzkowski - long-standing CEO of MWW - will remain in the position of president and chairman of the company.

Pinkerton brings more than 35 years experience in working with Fortune 500 Corporations within the automotive, petroleum, retail and construction arenas.

During his position as president and CEO of Kux Manufacturing - a supplier of automotive products for the US - Pinkerton created relationships with companies such as Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota among others.

"We are pleased that Pinkerton has joined our company and expect to benefit not only from his long-standing experience in the automotive industry and his deep business relationships with many of the large OEs, but also from his adept skills and experience as an organisational restructuring specialist," said Winzkowski.

"We have commenced with a concerted restructuring process to implement improved procedures throughout the entire MWW Group and Pinkerton will take a leadership role in this on-going process.

MWW Automotive Group delivers its accessory products, design services and class A painting services directly to select large global automobile manufacturers' vehicle processing centres, distribution centres and/or assembly lines in the US Canada and Europe.