A Sterling, Massachusetts, woman is lucky to be alive after a head-on collision with a 500-pound moose that left the unfortunate animal (later put down humanely by a vet) 'sitting' in the front passenger seat of her Mercury Tracer, according to a US website.

"Just sort of disbelief, shock. Everybody that was at the scene was screaming. Seeing this moose sitting in the front seat of this lady's car was pretty astounding," witness Lonnie Dellechiaie told the TheBostonChannel.com..

"I was surprised to see the moose was still alive and I just wanted to get it out as safely as possible," said tow truck driver Robert Condon told the website.

Condon helped to extract the moose from the car once firefighters had cut the roof off. The moose was seriously injured in the crash and was put down.

McDowell suffered only a few scrapes and bruises and was sent home after a brief visit to the hospital, the report added.