A British couple have traded in a 1990 Subaru Legacy 1.8GL station wagon after 316,588 miles "because the gearbox is becoming a little tired".

The car's clutch and battery are original as is most of the exhaust system and there are no noticeable tears or scuffs on the seats or carpet.

Jane and John Kinnaird have used the wagon to carry full loads of antiqe books for a business which takes them throughout the UK, but mostly around the snowy Scottish Borders and over the unsealed, remote farm tracks of their Lake District home.

Their secret for long engine life and fault-free ownership: "Regular servicing, use semi-synthetic oil and don't thrash the engine. I also think it helps if you use the car every day and your journeys are long enough to ensure the engine and other components are fully warmed up," John Kinnaird said.

The couple - who normally buy new and keep their cars as long as they remain reliable - recently took delivery of a new Legacy 2.0 GL AWD estate supplied by their dealer in Carlisle.


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