Webasto North America has launched the Hollandia TVS 900 twin vent sunroof, a new modular design, for the aftermarket.

Built using the same assembly process for multiple OEM roof systems for the likes of Cadillac, Lincoln, Toyota, and Mercedes, the unit is said to be quieter when open than most OEM sunroofs, due to a unique front panel and provide excellent ventilation due to the unique dual panel design.

"The fact that Webasto can design and produce roof systems for both the OEMs and the aftermarket is a key advantage," said a Webasto spokesman.

The most distinctive feature is the modular design in two pieces. The smaller panel at the forward portion of the roof, when opened, acts as a wind screen that deflects the exterior roof air flow over the larger opening behind, the key element in keeping the interior of the vehicle completely free from wind noise that plagues sunroof options currently on the market. This panel can be opened individually into a vent position for a nominal amount of fresh air. The second, larger section of glass has three positions - closed for letting in more light only; a tilt function for a second venting option further back; and the open position - full or partial.

Unique to this roof is the ability of placing both glass panels into vent positions - Twin Vent - to allow an improved flow of air in the cabin.

The TVS 900's official public launch is at the SEMA show in Las Vegas from 30 October.