Mitsubishi will start selling cars and trucks in Mexico in January through existing Chrysler dealers, the Detroit News reported.

The newspaper said that Chrysler dealers awarded a Mitsubishi franchise by DaimlerChrysler, which owns 37% of the Japanese car maker, will be required to build separate showrooms. Chrysler has 122 Mexican dealers, the Detroit News added.

Mitsubishi Motors America president and chief executive Pierre Gagnon said that Mexicans' 900,000 new vehicle purchases made the country "a critical market for Mitsubishi Motors' global expansion," the report said.

Mitsubishi will enter the Canadian market next month, well ahead of schedule, with more than 30 dealers open for business.

The plan for Canada anticipates a first-year sales volume of 20,000 vehicles and a network of independently owned and operated Mitsubishi dealerships that will grow from 51 stores in 2003 to 150 by 2007.