Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) said it would set up an office in Nairobi, Republic of Kenya with the aim of strengthening its information gathering capability in Africa as well as "further invigorating" its local sales network.

The office will begin operations in January 2014.

"Automobile demand in the African market is expected to rapidly increase, with great potential for economic growth as it is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and increasing population," the automaker said.

Its vehicles were first introduced there in the late 1960s and the pickup trucks and SUVs have been widely accepted for all-terrain capability and four wheel drive technology ideal for driving on rough roads. Currently, MMC's sales network covers 48 countries on the continent.

MMC's African operations had been overseen by MMMEA based in Dubai.

However in recent years, detailed and specific market information regarding consumer needs, returning feedback to product development, and closer communication with local sales outlets have all become more and more necessary.

So MMC has decided to reopen an office closed in 1996. The new office will strengthen African operations through various measures including human resource development for local staff, in cooperation with MMMEA.

In preparation for the future expansion of motorisation in Africa, MMC will move ahead with upgrading its operating base in Africa during the New Stage 2016 new mid-term business plan, which begins with the new fiscal year next April.