The Italian government has received a number of offers to convert Fiat SpA’s Termini Imerese plant to other uses after the company suspends car production there, industry minister Claudio Scajola said.

He told Canale 5 that there was 18 months before Fiat ceased production in Termini and that eight to 10 offers were on the table.

Industry ministry officials, unions and Fiat management were scheduled to meet on 5 March to examine options for the Sicilian factory, he added. Scajola gave no details about the proposals although he indicated that the proposal that saves the most jobs would be the one preferred by the government.

Fiat has said it would suspend production at Termini Imerese, which employs 1,600, at the end of next year because production costs are too high. A further 1,400 people are estimated to work in the plant’s supply chain.