Three high-ranking executives from Michelin - including the group's head for South America - were on the Air France plane that went missing Monday between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, the company told AFP.

The airliner carrying 228 people reportedly vanished over the Atlantic Ocean after hitting heavy turbulence.

AFP reported that the three Michelin executives were: South America president Luiz Roberto Anastacio; regional IT director Antonio Gueiros, both Brazilians based in Michelin's offices in Rio de Janeiro; and a French executive, Christine Pieraerts.

The report said Anastacio and Guieros were on their way to Paris for a meeting at Michelin's headquarters, while Pieraerts was on her way back to France after a visit to see the company's operations in Brazil.

"That's the information we have right now, and our concern now is for the families of these people," a Michelin spokesperson told AFP, adding, "We are in contact with them and giving them all our support."