Metaldyne has won a contract to supply International Truck and Engine Corporation with front-end modules, connecting rods and turbocharger exhaust tube assemblies for its advanced vee engine programme, which includes a six-litre V8 diesel which will power full-size Ford pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

Metaldyne will manufacture the front end module-assembly (FEMA) for the diesel engines, which includes a die-cast front cover, water pump assembly with pulley, oil pump assembly including gerotors and oil pressure release valve, thermostat, temperature sensor, hose connections and power steering pump mounting.

The include reduced cost, reduced assembly time, reduced design complexity, weight savings and package envelope savings.

The powder metal connecting rods supplied by Metaldyne, the largest powder metal forged rods ever used, replace older forged steel rod technology, saving on in-house machining costs.

Metaldyne will also supply turbocharger exhaust tube assemblies (turbo tubes) for the V8 diesels. These turbo tubes provide several benefits, including the use of stainless steel instead of cast iron, which provides for reduction in weight and heat absorption; and the incorporation of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system connections.

Additionally, the use of bellows within the design allow for the normal thermal expansion and contraction of these components, increasing reliability and reducing warranty expense.