Mercedes-Benz has said it is moving up the target for volume production of a fuel cell vehicle from 2015 to 2014.

The model will have a range of 250 miles and the price of the model, likely based on the B-Class, has not been set yet, Edmunds' Inside Line quoted Mercedes-Benz Cars chief Dieter Zetsche as saying at a media roundtable discussion in New York.

Mercedes late last year demonstrated the current B-series F-Cell across the US and is leasing a small number mainly to government and corporate users but has included a few private individuals in its lease programme. Two more were delivered in Germany in January.

"The product is ready for the market technically," Zetsche said this week. "We have proven that by sending three vehicles with a fuel cell around the globe without any relevant problems. The issue is infrastructure. We made this trip to prove technology is ready and we need partners to take care of infrastructure.

"We intended to go for volume production in 2015, but because of the experience of the world tour we have pulled forward." He said volume production would begin in 2014.

Zetsche said that Mercedes-Benz has "not defined prices yet" for the production version of the fuel cell car.

"The target is to be cost-wise by the middle of the decade at the level of the diesel hybrid, which is not cheap, but marketable today," he said. "That would be our first target. It's a challenging target, but a realistic target."

He did not say what the fuel-cell vehicle would be called or what he was referring to when he spoke of a "diesel hybrid", Inside Line noted.

The Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, is available on a limited retail basis in Southern California