Mercedes-Benz said the brand had its best June ever in 2011. Worldwide, 120,510 passenger cars (June 2010: 113,297) were delivered, up 6.4% year on year. Thanks to the strong sales in June, the second quarter was the highest-volume quarter ever; sales increased 7.2% to 329,979 units (Q2 2010: 307,733). January to June sales of 610,531, an increase of 9.7%, was also a H1 record.

H1 sales in China rose 52.3% to a record 92,174 units. Deliveries in June were up 19.1% to 16,278 units.

India H1 sales rose 40.3% Russia volume surged 70.6%.

US sales rose 7% to 110,926 units for the first half of the year.

German H1 deliveries rose slightly to 123,013 units from 122,458) while the rest of western Europe saw 153,830 sales versus 152,332. UK sales rose 11.7%.

Smat H1 deliveries rose to 54,801 units from 50,723 in 2010.