Mercedes-Benz Accessories is offering its customers an MP3 playing watch. The MP3 watch by Mercedes-Benz includes a state-of-the-art MP3 player, a voice recorder and a 512 MB flash memory.

Practical accessories such as earphones, a headphone adapter, a USB extension cable and a mains adapter are also included. The Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch is available now.

The USB socket is integrated into the strap of the wristwatch and an interface makes it easy to connect the Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch with a PC or laptop. (Installing extra software is not necessary if WinME/2000/XP is used, while a CD-ROM is provided for installation under Win98.) Once the connection is made, downloading can begin.

The Mercedes-Benz MP3 watch has a flash memory with a capacity of 512 MB - enough for eight hours listening, the company claims. No comparable product currently available offers more memory capacity, Mercedes says.

When the USB connection is used, the internal Li-ion battery is automatically charged which takes a maximum of 2 hours. The integral microphone enables voice recordings with a duration of up to 36 hours to be made whilst the 1.5-metre long earphone cable allows 'the greatest possible freedom of movement'.

The UK retail price for the MP3 watch is £324 (inc. VAT).