Mercedes-Benz has lowered the prices of specialist AMG models, widened the range and made them easier to buy in the UK.

The initiative on AMG prices closely follows the recent Mercedes-Benz move which lowered prices on mainstream models by up to 20 per cent.

AMG prices in the UK will now be on a par with those in mainland Europe, on some models this will mean savings of up to £12,000. AMG cars can now be ordered through authorised Mercedes-Benz dealerships in exactly the same way as all other Mercedes-Benz models.

Until now specialist AMG models had to be ordered using two invoices, one in Marks at the exchange rate at that time and one in Sterling. But this complicated system has now been changed.

Dermot Kelly, Director Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars in the UK, said: "This is further good news for our customers and shows how our prices are being harmonised throughout Europe.

"It means that our customers will save up to £12,000 on cars such as the S55 AMG, CL55 AMG and the S55 AMG limousine. This is a further commitment by us to offer our customers even better value for money."

AMG customers want all the hallmarks of Mercedes-Benz cars combined with the dynamic and sporty characteristics which come from AMG's years of motorsport experience.

The S55 AMG, when ordered under the former two-invoice system, cost around £88,700, depending on exchange rates. It will now cost £74,490. The long-wheelbase limousine version of the S55 AMG did cost around £93,000. It will now cost £81,020 and the CL55 AMG coupe, which used to cost around £91,600, will now cost £82,440.

The newly launched ML55 AMG sports utility vehicle has been added to the AMG range. It costs £49,990.

These additions to the AMG range give Mercedes-Benz one of the most comprehensive line-ups of specialist high-performance models of any manufacturer.

All AMG models are covered by the unique Mercedes-Benz mobilo life package which gives owners a 30-year breakdown assistance and anti-corrosion guarantee in addition to a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty.