With numerous new and updated models in its range, sales by Mazda Motor Europe (MME) in June were up by 9% year on year, to 28,200 units, outperforming the European market (sales down by about 4%) and giving the brand its best June result in Europe for 15 years.

In the first half, MME sold 161,500 vehicles up 20,700 units and 15% year on year, describing this as „and one of the best half-year results in over a decade".

Twelve of its markets posted double-digit sales increases year-on-year.

Russia again led, setting another single month sales record, with more than 2,800 units, up 77% year-on-year. Spain also set a single month record for volume, at almost 2,000 units in June, up 17%. A June record was set in Italy for volume, at over 2,200 units, up 16%.

In the UK, the Japanese brand achieved a record market share last month, predicted to be at 1.8%, based on a volume of 4,500 units, up 16%. France reported its highest volume since 1988, at 1,600 units, up 22% year-on-year, and Finland (including the three Baltic countries) achieved its highest volume since 1990, at 750 units, up 27%. Greece also had a good June, selling nearly 600 units, up 8% for a predicted market share of 2.1%, the highest since 1992.

Other markets achieving strong June results were Norway, up 29%, Sweden, up 27% and Denmark, up 7%. These countries make up Mazda's Scandinavia organization, which saw sales jump 17% across the region as a result. Also posting good June results were Austria (including south eastern European countries) up 9%, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, up 8% and 6% respectively.