Mazda Motor Europe (MME) followed up double-digit sales increases across Europe in January with a second consecutive month of strong growth, as February sales rose 21% year-on-year.

The 21,400 vehicles gave it a market share of 1.7% for February, up 0.3% year on tear and the best share of this market since February 1992 when the brand was particularly strong in Germany.

This calendar year so far, MME has sold 46,400 units, up 15% or 6,000 units year on year.

All markets contributed to the rise, and Italy, Spain and Portugal, set single month records. Italy saw a record for volume, at 2,580 units, and Portugal achieved record market share of 1.7% for the month. Spain also set a monthly market share record of 1.0%.

In Russia, where sales of import-brand cars are booming, MME sales rose 84% year-on-year to 2,100 units in February. France volume of 1,400 units was up 30% and UK sales rose 28% to 1,740 units were sold in the UK in February, up 28% versus last February.

For the 11 months of the fiscal year to date (April 05 through February 06) Mazda has sold almost 247,400 units in Europe, up 2.4% or 6,000 vehicles, year on year.