The Baltic Business Daily reports that the Lithuanian Competition Council has ruled that Mazda's local distributor, Vilniaus Vista, breached the provisions of the Lithuanian Competition Law in its advertisement of the car Mazda 6.

Nissan's local distributor, Raitas, had complained to the body over the ad Vilniaus Vista placed in an issue of the Lithuanian daily Lietuvos Rytas with the tag line: "Try Nissan Primera in order to know why you have chosen Mazda 6."

Palmira Kvietkauskiene, spokeswoman for the Competition Council, told the Baltic Business Daily that ,"the cars are compared subjectively in the advertisement, not providing any fundamental, certified or intrinsic characteristics of these cars, based on which consumers would make a choice.

"Therefore it can be assumed that Vilniaus Vista tried to indirectly degrade Nissan Primera's image and to discredit the car compared to Mazda 6. The Competition Council established that Vilniaus Vista breached the provisions of the Competition Law, and ruled that this advertisement is unacceptable."