Maruti claims new Suzuki Ciaz is Indias most fuel-efficient sedan

Maruti claims new Suzuki Ciaz is India's most fuel-efficient sedan

As part of the model's planned Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and Mexico roll-out during 2014/2015, Maruti Suzuki will open its order book tomorrow (3 September) for the new Ciaz which it is claiming to be "India’s most fuel efficient sedan".

Maruti is positoning the "much awaited" model, which replaced the SX4 in local production, as a "mid-sized premium sedan" and is offering it with petrol and diesel engine options.

With fuel efficiency of up to 26.21km (16 miles) per litre [roughly 74mpg - ed], the Ciaz with the DDiS 200 diesel engine will become India’s most fuel efficient car, Maruti claimed. The petrol variant with the K14 VVT engine gets 20.73km (13 miles) per litre, claimed to be the best of the sedans in its class.

Maruti said the Ciaz is the longest and widest car in its class with "contemporary design and rich features". There are four trim levels (V, V+, Z and Z+).

The global launch is planned to coincide with India's upcoming festival season, a time considered good by many Indians for major purchases such as new cars.

Indian customers can "book" (order) the Ciaz at over 1,370 sales outlets spread across 1,050 cities with a minimum "token" deposit of INR21,000 (US$347). 

According to's Product Life Database (PLDB), the Ciaz, which will be called the Alivio in some other markets including China, reportedly has the same platform as the SX4 S-Cross which is also built and sold in China.

The car was initially previewed by the Authentics concept which made its debut at the Shanghai motor show in April 2013. Though smaller, it effectively replaces the slightly larger Kizashi.

A second prototype, this time named Ciaz (and according to Maruti Suzuki pronounced 'chee-aaz') made its global debut at the Delhi motor show in February 2014. A third concept, the Alivio, premiered at April 2014's Beijing motor show. It was powered by a 1,586cc petrol engine, and dimensions were quoted as : 4,545mm long, 1,730mm wide and 1,475mm high.

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Maruti Suzuki opens booking for India’s most Fuel Efficient sedan, Ciaz

 New Delhi, 2, September 2014: Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited will open customer bookings for the much awaited mid-sized premium sedan Ciaz from 3rd Sep 2014 across its nationwide network. Ciaz will be available in Petrol and Diesel fuel options.

With a fuel efficiency of 26.21 kmpl, the Ciaz with the DDiS 200 diesel engine will become India’s most fuel efficient car. The petrol variant of Ciaz with a K14 VVT engine has a fuel efficiency of 20.73 kmpl, the best amongst the sedans of its class.

The global launch of Ciaz is planned during the forthcoming festival season.

Ciaz, the longest and widest car in its class is a complete package of contemporary design and rich features.

Ciaz is planned to be launched in 4 trim levels (V, V+, Z and Z+).

Customers can book the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz at any of the over 1,370 sales outlets spread across 1,050+ cities. The booking can be done with a token advance amount of Rs 21,000/-. 

Original source: Maruti Suzuki