Manufacturers are stepping up offerings of hybrid vehicles in South Korea.

Toyota has announced that it will start selling the Prius in the country and use it as platform for launching the brand there. The Camry hybrid, which is currently sold only in North America, could also be introduced.

Honda already launched the Civic hybrid last year and expects to sell 120 units this year. A second hybrid model is planned next year.

South Korea's largest manufacturer, Hyundai is set to introduce a hybrid version of the Avante next year and hybrid versions of other major models thereafter, including the Sonata. Kia is planning hybrid versions of the Lotze and Mohave, according to Chosun News.

"The hybrid car market will grow to 750,000 units this year and to the one million level by 2010," a Hyundai source said. "With the mass production of a hybrid car in 2009 as a first step, our group will work to strengthen our competitiveness in the eco-friendly car business, on which most global automakers are staking their fate as a next-generation strategic business," he told the news agency.