Toyota and Honda have said their March outputs in Japan plunged some 63% year on year to record monthly lows as the earthquake and tsunami disrupted production operations.

March production also declined by more than 25% at Nissan Motor, Suzuki, Mazda, Daihatsu, Fuji Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Motors, Kyodo News reported.

Toyota said its domestic production fell 62.7% to 129,491 units, the record low since it began to compile comparable data in January 1976.

Honda said its output in Japan decreased 62.9% to 34,754 units, the lowest since November 1997 when the automaker launched comparable statistics. The year-on-year fall was the largest ever.

Domestic output declined 64.9% to 16,530 units at Fuji Heavy, 60.2% to 41,790 units at Suzuki, 57.3% to 28,091 units at Daihatsu, 53.6% to 39,887 units at Mazda, 52.4% to 47,590 units at Nissan, and 25.7% to 49,434 units at Mitsubishi.

Nissan scored a global production gain by boosting overseas output 33.3%.

Domestic sales at the eight major Japanese automakers logged declines ranging from 28.2% to 45.0%.

Honda's sales in Japan dropped 28.2% to 58,203 units, the lowest since February 1996. Its exports also fell 26.2% to 20,699 units, the lowest for the month since November 1997.

Exports dropped 56.7% at Daihatsu, 38.0% at Mazda, 33.4% at Toyota, 27.5% at Fuji, 23.6% at Suzuki, 12.5% at Nissan and 0.8% at Mitsubishi.