An all-new Nissan Skyline sedan due out on June 22 will have purist fans gnashing their teeth as the trademark angular styling, round tail lights and straight-six engine head for the automotive design scrapyard.

In their place are curvy contemporary lines, Audi A4-style wrap-around rear lights and a state-of-the-art V6.

However, the Japanese media are picking that a two-door coupe planned for next spring will have the traditional round rear lights.

They also say that the new sedan, based on an XVL-badged prototype displayed at the '99 Tokyo motor show, was due to lose the Skyline tag.

But Renault-appointed Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn reversed the decision, despite the new car's break with Skyline traditions.

The badge is one of Nissan's oldest and the sporty versions have fans - of both current and previous models - all over the world.

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