Mahindra & Mahindra has announced a 42% growth in its auto sales numbers for the month of December 2010.

The firm said sales stood at 34,062 units as against 24,001 units during December 2009. The company's domestic sales stood at 32,546 units during December 2010, as against 22,754 units during December 2009, an increase of 43%.

The Passenger Vehicles segment (which includes the UVs as well as the Logan) has also registered a growth of 28%, having sold 15,601 units in December 2010, as against 12,212 units during December 2009. The 4 wheel pick-up segment, which includes the Maxximo and the Gio, have registered a growth of 47%, having sold 10,161 units during December 2010 as against 6,933 units during December 2009.

The 3-wheelers of the company also grew by 104% having sold 5,928 units in December 2010 compared to 2,909 units in December 2009.