Land Rover has announced the names of a group of 'influencers' from the arts world who will collaborate on the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque.

The influencers are drawn from the worlds of fashion, design, music and film in ten cities and they will collaborate with Range Rover over the next 12 months to launch the new baby Range Rover.

Land Rover says that each of the influencers has been recruited to participate in the 'Pulse of the City' project where their journeys will be tracked around their favourite cities to create what is described as a 'living interactive guide to the urban spaces they call home'.

Land Rover Managing Director, Phil Popham, said: "The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest, lightest and greenest car that Land Rover has ever produced, making it ideal for city driving. Its design is inspired by city architecture and a big part of a city is the people within it, their journeys and their conversations.  Land Rover has brought together 40+ influencers across key cities worldwide to join the Range Rover Evoque's launch journey, these will include Shanghai, New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Moscow."

The influencers or 'City Shapers' have been chosen because they are influential in their cities and have interesting points of view that people listen to, Land Rover said.  They come from different aspects of culture that make up the varied nature of their cities, from arts, the creative industry, film, music, fashion, media - anywhere where they've made their own mark and shaped the cities they live in.

In what is described as a world first, the 'Pulse of the City' app, launches on iPhone (android available from mid November) and uses GPS tracking to record the collective movements of people within the ten cities. Users will be sent a graphical representation of their journey which they can display on the website.

Participants will also be able to add comments about their favourite walks, hot spots and journeys, creating a real time, evolving pulse of each city, Land Rover says. Both 'City Shapers' and the public will be able to download the app for free.

So far Land Rover has named some 32 of the 40 'influencers' or City Shapers:

Global City Shapers:
New York
 Georgina Chapman – Designer and co-founder of Marchesa

Josh Rubin - Founder & editor of Cool Hunting
 Sarah-Jane Clarke – Designer and co-founder of Sass & Bide

Heidi Middleton - Designer and co-founder of Sass & Bide

Mia Freedman – Journalist and blogger

Peter Evans - Chef
 Henry Holland – Fashion designer

Dylan Jones – Editor of GQ

Ben Shepherd – Presenter

George Lamb – TV personality
 Vasily Esmanov – Blogger and photographer

Aurora – TV presenter and actress

Gennady Yosefavichus – Producer and journalist

Vlad Lisovets – Stylist & designer
Sao Paulo
 Mariana Weickhert – TV personality

Baixo Ribeiro – Gallery owner

Osgemeos – Graffiti artist duo
 Neil Barret – Designer

Sergio Cerruti – DJ

Natasha Slater – DJ & socialite

Francesca Versace – Designer
 Santi Millan – Actor

Paco Roncero – Chef

Tommy Robredo – Tennis player

Eugenia Silva – Model
 Natalie Simon – TV presenter

Brice Compagnon – Editor of WAD

Greg Kozo – Make The Girl Dance

Julia Reston-Roitfeld – Fashionista and Art Director
 Jessica Schwarz – Actress

Tadi Rock – Pop-Art artist

Luca Gadjic - Model