NZTA June registration figures show new vehicle sales are booming in New Zealand, the Motor Industry Association (MIA) said. For both passenger cars and commercial vehicles sales, were up over 29% year on year last month.

New passenger car registrations of 7,142 were up 33.1% (1,777 units) (5,365 in June 2011). Commercial vehicles with 2,959 registrations were up 29.3% (672 units) (2,287). Year to date passenger car registrations reached 38,145 vehicles which was up 22% (6,854 units) on 2011 (31,291).  Commercial vehicles were lower, running only 9.2% (983 units) ahead of 2011 – total registrations of 11,704 versus 10,721.

“The new vehicle industry is extremely buoyant” said MIA CEO Perry Kerr.

“While we could expect any comparison with last year, when the industry was hit with severe stock shortages, to be up month over month, or year over year, sales are particularly strong. For example, June new car registrations were the highest since 2005 which was a peak in sales over the preceding 16 years – back to 1989.

Stock has now returned to normal and this coupled with [annual agricutural industry event] Field Days, the specials [for that] along with new model releases ae obviously capturing the public’s attention. I can say members and their dealers are very happy with this result.”

Toyota remained in top position for passenger cars with 1,461 registrations followed by Ford, 766 and Holden, 712.  In commercial vehicles Toyota was also in first place with 933 registrations followed by Ford, 485 and Nissan, 377. The impact of Field Days associated with availability of stock meant the three top selling models were all light commercials – the Toyota Hilux, 676, Ford Ranger, 440 and Nissan Navara, 370.

In the passenger car segment the Toyota Highlander was top with 358 registrations helped along by 274 rental vehicle sales. The Suzuki Swift was second, 279, a unit ahead of the Ford Focus.