Renault says it is "satisfied" at the decision by a French judge not to ban the automaker from using the name Zoe for its electric vehicle.

The Association pour la Defense de nos Prenoms (Association for the Protection of our Forenames - ADNP) based in Paris, had complained Renault's use of Zoe would invite mockery to children with the same name.

"When an industrial company uses a forename to identify a car model, it comes up against the interest of the child, creating a confusion in the constitution of its identity and subjecting it to ridicule its whole life," said an ADNP statement.

It appears the furore was sparked by two families with the surname 'Renault' and whose daughters were called 'Zoe.'

Renault says the judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance has now rejected ADNP's request, noting, says the French manufacturer that: "There was no imminent damage, nor affect on private life or dignity."