A bankruptcy court judge on Wednesday denied a request by General Motors to postpone the ongoing labour contract hearings for Delphi.

According to Dow Jones Newswires, Judge Robert Drain of the US Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan said the hearings, which resumed on Wednesday morning after a week-and-a-half break, should continue as planned "because people need to be assured there is some structure to the process."

The news agency noted that Delphi has filed to void its union labour contracts, as three-way negotiations continue among the unions, GM and Delphi. If the judge approves the request, the move could trigger a strike that would be costly for both GM and Delphi.

Dow Jones said that, on Tuesday evening, GM sent a letter to Judge Drain requesting a 60-day break in the hearings so that Delphi, GM and the unions could continue to negotiate without the pressure of ongoing hearings.