Isuzu Motors reportedly plans to overhaul its Thai operations to improve efficiency, spending 18.5 billion yen ($US170 million) to boost its stake in its Thai assembly unit.

According to Reuters, Isuzu, the leading maker of pick-up trucks in Thailand, said it would raise its stake in Isuzu Motors Co. (Thailand) Ltd. to over 70% from 49.2% and make it part of its consolidated accounts.

It reportedly will combine the unit with a separate Thai production unit and will also make its Thai engine and die-making subsidiaries part of its consolidated accounts.

Last year Isuzu shifted all of its pick-up truck production to Thailand and started exporting from there, Reuters noted.

It reportedly will also make its Thai technical centre a wholly owned subsidiary, seeking to speed up the transfer of its pick-up truck product development from Japan.

"This is part of our efforts to improve production and product development," Isuzu spokesman Koitsu Mabuchi told Reuters.

Isuzu reportedly said Thai pick-up truck sales totalled some 12,400 units last year and it captured 40% of the market.