A new name is taking to the road in Europe with the launch of Infiniti, Nissan's upmarket brand unveiled at the Geneva show.

While Infiniti is to Nissan what Lexus is to Toyota, the product line-ups are not at all comparable, and in that sense the route to market and the way the brand is communicated will be significantly different, according to Jim Wright, vice-president, Infiniti Europe.

He said: "We need to be ourselves and find our own way. If that works or fails, the point is we've done it our own way and will have made our own mistakes not replicated someone else's mistakes.

"When we talk about marketing we need to be different. The focus between the Geneva motor show and start of sales will be the internet. We are spending a lot of resource developing a very rich internet experience. Our target customer doesn't see a lot of television or traditional media."

The key message is that Infiniti cannot copy what other luxury brands have done. Wright added: "If we do we will fail because customers will never buy a copy - they always select to buy the original. So we have to be original, be ourselves. I think the cars support that because they're quite different, especially the crossover."

Infiniti launched with four models on display: the G37 sports saloon plus a coupé version, the four-wheel drive crossover, EX37, and the second generation performance luxury crossover SUV Infiniti FX unveiled at the show on Tuesday night in front of 800 especially-invited media and VIPs.

Wright described the FX as the brand icon. "When our dealer partners first saw it there was spontaneous applause. It really is unique and it personifies the brand - very dynamic design, very dynamic car, very original."

Dealerships will be "metropolitan focused" with Infiniti represented in most major cities across Europe.